Accent Bias (TU24)

This unit introduces the concepts of ‘accent bias’ and ‘accent discrimination’. The Teaching Unit is developed alongside the Accent Bias in the UK project. Students will first explore regional accents in the UK using sound-clips from the ABB project and will be asked to mind map the types of stereotypes they associate with that speaker. The unit provides hands-on activities that help students develop an understanding of how accent bias and discrimination may impact a candidates’ suitability for a professional role. By the end of the unit, the student should be aware of the ways in which stereotypes of accents and the speakers who use them may influence the degree to which that individual is perceived as proficient or competent.

Discussion points
Accent Bias in the UK website 

Audio clips of UK accents are provided here

Research Digest
Accent on Accent 
There ain’t nowt wrong with accents