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Bringing Research into the Classroom: New Resources for Teaching A-Level English Language
Conference for English Language teachers, February 2019
Queen Mary University of London

Slides available below:
‘Current trends in sociolinguistics, and new materials for A-Level English Language teaching’ – Prof. Devyani Sharma
‘Good or bad grammar? A practical approach to looking at changing attitudes’ – Dr Carmen Ebner
‘Language use in social media’ – Christian Ilbury, PhD student
‘Why don’t we all speak Standard English?’ – Prof Jenny Cheshire
Talk by Dan Clayton, AQA A-level senior examiner, co-author of the Nelson Thornes AQA A English Language AS textbook

Selected talks (Sharma, Ebner, Ilbury) can be viewed below:


Recent articles:

The Future of English (Devyani Sharma)
Emag EMC magazine, June 2019

Keeping Up With Language: New Resources for A-Level English Language Teaching (Devyani Sharma)
Teaching English magazine, Spring 2019

You Are What You Speak! (Devyani Sharma)
Emag EMC magazine, February 2019

Recent talks:

Emag Conference: Language, Voice, and Identity
Conference for A-Level English Language students, March 2019
(Devyani Sharma, invited speaker)

Exploring English: Variation and Change
Short course at the British Library, February 2018
(Devyani Sharma and Jenny Cheshire, invited speakers)

Talking English
British Library Teacher Conference, March 2018
(Devyani Sharma and Jenny Cheshire, invited speakers)

The Future of English
BBC World Service series, June 2018
(Devyani Sharma, contributor)

Language Variation in the Classroom Conference
ESRC-funded workshop for teachers, researchers, and students
Queen Mary University of London, October 2017
(organised by Shivonne Gates, Christian Ilbury, and Jenny Cheshire)

English Grammar Day
British Library event, July 2017
(Devyani Sharma, guest speaker)

English Grammar Day
British Library event, July 2015
(Jenny Cheshire, guest speaker)